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The Farvital-Carasa Laboratorios History

FARVITAL-CARASA LABORATORIOS was founded in 1930 by Mr. Emiliano Carasa, who after his years of experience in Paris as a well-known hairdresser and salon owner for the elite of the French capital, decided to return to Spain to set up his own company. He started his manufacturing career as a pioneer in hair dyes, offering quality products right from the start.

In 1940 he launched to the market the first semi-permanent hair dye, Komol. This hair color was formulated in collaboration with his French colleagues, famous laboratories that nowadays are internationally renowned multinational firms. FARVITAL - CARASA LABORATORIOS became one of the first hair color manufacturers in the world with his famous slogan: “20 years younger in 15 minutes”.

Since it launched its first semi-permanent colouring, which was followed by a permanent dye in 1953, FARVITAL-CARASA LABORATORIOS has maintained a constant line of research and innovation, which has been reasserted in recent years with our R+D department.

The Farvital-Carasa Laboratorios History

FARVITAL-CARASA LABORATORIOS currently exports its hair dyes to more than 30 countries from his two manufacturing facilites, Spain and Brazil. Leading the company, there is a young management team that follows in the tradition and trust that CARASA products offer providing dynamis and enthusiasm to make the constant changes that the international markets call for.

FARVITAL-CARASA LABORATORIOS has a wide range of products within the cosmetic sector, from the hair dye line to face creams, treatment shampoos, etc. Our brands are distributed both nationally and overseas. Countries such as France, UK, Canada, USA, Peru, Brazil, or Morocco are familiar with our products and their guaranteed quality.

The experience we have gained both nationally and internationally has enabled us to export our know-how to different countries. Decades after the creation of the company we are proud to stand for our values of customer satisfaction, excellent quality and innovation.


The Farvital-Carasa Laboratorios History

IAN ZACHARY was launched in 1999 as a professional line under the well-known European laboratories of FARVITAL-CARASA LABORATORIOS , pioneers of hair dye since 1930s.

Since launching their IAN ZACHARY line the brand has remained committed to the corporate values of the the FARVITAL-CARASA LABORATORIOS to quality, innovation, research and development.

We strive to create a professional line that focuses on hair health as a primary goal. Colour is our passion and hair is our reason to be.

Our mission is to provide products that provide softness, shine and most importantly health to your hair.

For decades we have worked in close partnership with hairdressers and salons to help them deliver the dream of beauty and the art of coloring to their customers.

The Farvital-Carasa Laboratorios History

IAN ZACHARY started focusing in the European market and, in less than a decade, we have surpassed expectations and crossed borders. Nowadays, you can find IAN ZACHARY in Europe, Africa, North America, Central and South America, Middle East and Asia.

The IAN ZACHARY team will continue working with passion, understanding and enthusiasm to deliver promises, to create results and to enhance the beauty of your hair.



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